Common questions are answered below.

Once you log in you will be able to send a message to the administrator regarding further issues.

Points and badges

You can earn points by completing completing activities within the game, such as uploading evidence of getting a job offer or completing a test. Evidence based submissions need to be reviewed by a moderator before points are awarded, however points for multiple choice activities are awarded immediately.

Your professors may also award you points for in class activities, You can check these by visiting the points page and reviewing your points history.
Your progress page lists all activities, including those that haven't been approved or moderated yet.
Points awarded for activities are different colours based on how they relate to your employability:
  • Skills Awarded for demonstrating the development of your skills
  • Employment Awarded for demonstrating relevant employment experience
  • Networking Awarded for attending networking events or professional online presence
Badges are assigned at the end of the month to users and alliances that have earned the most points during the month. Twelve badges are awarded each month for the top 3 users and alliances for employment, skills, networking and total points. Only points earned during the current month are counted when awarding badges.
Badges are only based on points earned within a given month in order to give every user and alliance the chance to earn badges regardless of their total points.
When you have completed your degree you will be given veteran status within the game (you may need to message an administrator to get this updated). Veteran status will give you an icon wherever your username appears. You will remain in your alliance if you are a member of an alliance.


An alliance is a group of up to 9 users within the game, an alliance has points calculated by totalling its members points. Each alliance has it's own private knowledge base which can be used to share resources between members related to industry or for discussion.

Each alliance has a group leader who is responsible for managing the group. Leaders are able to:
  • Invite users to the alliance
  • Accept or reject applications to join the alliance
  • Remove members from the alliance
  • Transfer leadership to another member
Alliance points are equal to the sum of each members points minus any penalties the alliance has incurred.
You can see a list of alliances on the leaderboard.

You can apply to join an alliance when viewing an alliance's profile, alternately the leader of the alliance may can send you an invitation.
You will receive a notification if you receive an invitation from an alliance.
Alliances can only have a limited number of members within each year group, therefore you will be unable to apply for an alliance that has reached the maximum number of players from your year group.

Year Max members
1 3
2 3
3 3
Veteran Not counted
When you leave your alliance you will no longer have access to the group knowledge base or any of the group details such as the number of badges or recent activity stream.
Only the current leader of the alliance can remove a member.

You can send a private message to your alliance leader if you think someone should be removed. Your alliance will incur a points penalty for removing a player, think carefully about who you invite!
You will first need to transfer leadership to another member if there are other members, otherwise you can delete the alliance. You can do this in your alliance settings page. Afterwards you will have an option to leave the alliance.
No, only the leader of the alliance can transfer leadership on to another member.

If you think your alliance leader isn't suitable you can form a new alliance after leaving your current alliance.
An alliance can only be deleted if there are no members other than the leader.

My account

Please send a message to the administrator using the form below detailing what needs to be changed.
You can download any evidence you have provided for an evidence submission activity by visiting the completed activity page and viewing the details for a particular submission.
Your user name will be your first name and last name with no spaces all in lowercase (Eg johnsmith for John Smith). If you have changed your user name and have forgotten it, you can use the password reset form to have it emailed to you. If you are still having issues you can contact an administrator below.